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About us

About Us: We at QuiltingInstructions start talking about us with a simple poem for you. Read with attention:

We believe that life can be uncomplicated with good tips and quality information.
We want you to have less doubts, rules and reasons to worry about … And more time to live your days intensely!
We want you to make your crochet, your bedspread, your bath towel or beach, be done with love and quality.
We want you to enjoy your time to make the best pieces of knitting, macrame and why not make a complete trousseau for your child, or grandchild?
We want you to be happy at each point pierced, with each closed knot, with each line placed on the needle.
We want you to be free, have your ideas based on our articles,
that you express yourself with love at the time of your enjoyment!
We want you to be free to create, to learn to showcase your designs, your creations your ideas.
We want you to be happy, very happy when doing your job whether it is to sell, be it for family or for yourself!
Are you a man and you like to knit? To crochet? Do not worry here we have many male followers, married dedicated to your family!
Are you young and want to follow in the footsteps of the mother? Grandma’s? Welcome! Here you will have the best ideas!

About Us quilting instructinos
About Us Quilting Instructions

About Us: Quiltings Instructions

Our website comes to you to show you the most beautiful materials made with crochet,
macrame and knitting. Here you can learn the right points for a particular job, get inspired to do the best for your home, family, relatives and friends, or even if you want to have extra income with a beautiful manual work.
Tips for materials, ideas and also PDF samples will be of great help to you,
so do not forget to subscribe to our site, put in your favorites, leave your idea in the comments, comment whenever you want, and if there are doubts or suggestions or criticism leave in the comments, send us suggestions by the contact page.

Something wrong?

If any image used in our blog is yours, please contact us immediately for withdrawal or even to post the credits!
Have videos on Youtuber and want to post with us here and our site? Contact us!


We would like to thank all of you, parents, moms, grandmas, young people, children who like our site. May we always live up to your dream and desire for learning and achievement!

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