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Bavarian Stitch Crochet Afghan Blanket

Bavarian Stitch Crochet Afghan Blanket , surely make you think of a more handmade style of Quilt or Blanket and even your grandmother spending hours with a Crochet in hand, increasing and increasing the measure, and hours passing very fast!

Bavarian Stitch Crochet is one of those that never goes out of style, because the craftsmanship is always renewed in its combinations, points and utilities, entering very well in new and modern styles. After all, they are doubly useful: to warm us up and make every home environment more stylish and cozy.

Bavarian Stitch Crochet Afghan Blanket 1

That’s why today we brought a post with only the most interesting crochet quilts, for almost all styles, from the most rustic to those who like a more modern and sophisticated tone.

For those who already know how to make Crochet, it’s time to lose the fear of bigger projects and start using this craft to decorate your home! For those who are completely new beginner, look for some tips to begin to understand how to choose your chart, your line, needle and type of Bedspread or Blanket will choose, a good hint are the graphics, they make the job much easier.

Bavarian Stitch Crochet Afghan Blanket 2

With thicker lines, Crochet Blankets do not acquire as much complexity, limiting to simple and easy stitches. With the right model, Small Granny Square Blanket made with the starting points gets a charm apart, with the thinner lines, the possibilities of stitches and designs increases, but also doubles the effort and the working hours needed to be finalized. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of line.

Bavarian Stitch Crochet Afghan Blanket

Bavarian Stitch Crochet Afghan Blanket 3

From the choice of thread, you can look for your perfect needle.

»This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download«

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