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Cathedral Windows Patterns

This type of work is a blend of Quilt / Patchwork with a tissue origami technique. The mixing of these two techniques has an impressive and unique result. At first glance seems to be complicated, but in reality it is a very simple job, it only requires a little patience, given the amount of work that only one of these jobs demands. The first step is to choose the fabrics that we like best to do a beautiful job!

The most common Cathedral Windows patterns are 22cm square, which is folded and pressed into a block that will give you a 7cm “window”. Four of these stitched blocks result in a 20cm block of new, with which you will build your Windows Cathedral. Using this pattern, you can use 10 meters of white, 100% cotton for the support fabric.

Cathedral Windows Patterns 1
Cathedral Windows Quilt

Of course, as you can imagine, I’m thinking of more vibrant colors along with other basic fabrics. Here I used some very valuable ideas, in anxiety and at work to see the result, who knows, maybe even you encourage yourself with a quilt, let’s see … A hug friends and always, do not be afraid, no matter what experience you you have and not even the bad results you’ve gotten, what really matters is we never give up!

Do not you know how to make a Patchwork? It is a delight to decorate the house with Cathedral Windows, handmade items and created according to our preferences of style and personality. With a little creativity and inspiration, it is easy to create unique accessories that, besides functional, make the house more beautiful and elegant. Many custom decoration items are also a great alternative to give life, recycle or restore the usefulness of old objects.

Learning how to make patchwork is simple. Remains of ancient fabrics, clothing and cloth accessories selected for disposal can bring to life beautiful Cathedral Windows bedspreads to adorn the couple’s bedroom, infant or baby. Here you can know how to do quilt step by step. Inspire yourself with ideas on how to make Cathedral Windows custom patchwork quilt to give as a gift or use in home decor by following our tutorial.


Easy Cathedral Window Quilt: Simple Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co



Cathedral Windows Patterns 2
Cathedral Windows Quilt

Cathedral Windows Patterns 3

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