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Christmas Grape Bunch Handle

Christmas ornament Crochet Refrigerator Perfect and wonderful, this beautiful work is to give a special highlight to your kitchen. This piece besides leaving your refrigerator incredibly decorated for Christmas still protects the handle from possible dirt or damage. This is one of several ways to use all the creativity when it comes to sprucing up and leaving the house ready to greet your family at the holiday season and make everyone happy with the Christmas spirit.

As said before, this piece is perfect for giving a touch of the year-end decor in your kitchen and still protect the handle of your refrigerator. A way to use everything you know and produce not only handles but also other crochet pieces that will make great success in every decorated environment. The crochet craftsmanship is special because of these differentials in its decoration and the details that graces the knob of the delicacy required to this beautiful work.

Christmas Grape Bunch Handle 1

-EuroRoma gloss # 6, the colors may be of your preference.
– Crochet hook: 3.5 mm.
-Golden beads (optional).
-Liquids and ornaments.

With little material it is possible to make this beautiful piece of crochet decoration. It is an excellent product for sales, because it is low cost and have a very interesting and enduring result that draws attention for beauty and simplicity. This Fridge Knob has a very beautiful finish and will delight everyone who comes into your kitchen, and can also be a beautiful and unforgettable gift for your special friend on Christmas Day!

Christmas Grape Bunch Handle 2

Christmas Grape Bunch Handle 3

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Christmas Grape Bunch Handle 4

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