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Gravity Quilt Patchwork

Gravity Quilt Patchwork, these beautiful quilts will leave you with wide eyes! A glorious variety of dazzling colors and small scale prints. With lively fabrics and arranged in a dazzling star shape, this attractive quilt will make all your design dreams come true. Gravity Quilt is one of the new trends in decoration. The stripped style that this art proposes can be the differential in a decoration at home. As suggested in the name, Patchwork is a technique that uses different tissue flaps to create a unique and sophisticated composition.

There are a number of possibilities to use Patchwork in decoration, such as in Pillows, Bedspreads, Dish Cloths, Sousplats and even Upholstery. Patchwork can be totally random and unstructured or it can follow a pattern you define. This technique allows you to create the most varied shapes and compositions, such as Gravity Quilt.

Gravity Quilt Patchwork
Gravity Quilt Patchwork

Gravity Quilt Patchwork

For you to make your Gravity Quilt Patchwork you will need some special materials, which you may have in your private stock.

As I always say, you don’t have to do exactly the same, unless of course your eyes shone for this model. Well then let’s go for the materials you’ll need:

•Fabrics with various patterns.
•Sewing machine, needle and thread.

There are several ways to make bedspreads with pieces of fabric, but in general, the technique used is very simple and is indicated for both veteran dressmakers and beginners. With the mission to help you in this project, we have compiled in this article some wonderful instructions and tips. So be sure to check it out!

This technique is very old and very simple to make, you may even have learned to develop with your mother and even your pieces of fabric, she is very beautiful and enchants the environment with its simplicity and its colors. In this matter you will have some inspirations and you will also have the recipe to do step by step, in case you do not know.


Gravity Quilt Patchwork
Gravity Quilt Patchwork

Gravity Quilt Patchwork is a wonderful pattern full of colors, which really takes work to do. A friend here from my town, made this same double bedspread for her and according to her, it took about 4 months doing it, being that her work was from 3 to 4 hours day.

Gravity Quilt Patchwork
Gravity Quilt Patchwork

If you want to make this quilt, do it without fear, don’t worry about the time, because any work we do when well done, really consumes our time, but after that, the joy really overflows!

Gravity Quilt Patchwork 1


  1. I would love to make the Gravity Quilt. Please sent instructions in English

    • I would like to make the Gravity quilt…could u please send me the detailed instructions in English…iam from India..

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