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Love Midnight Star Quilt

Life looks very much like a Midnight Star Quilt piece, if you’ve ever noticed the technique or you’ve seen a piece produced, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. We got a bunch of jumbled, puzzle-like little bits. The pecines often do not join, we need to fit some, others nevertheless seem to have been born to join that part that is loose there, one waiting for another.

And is life like this or not? Making a Midnight Star Quilt, I remember all areas of my life, be it loving, professional or spiritual, that you are willing to look and move, you will find loose parts that do not seem to fit, but that you turn from one side , moves from another and suddenly, it is perfect, it seems that always belonged to that place.

Love Midnight Star Quilt 1

Many times we find loving partners who seem to be part of our story, the person who seems to have been born to devote to you and vice versa and suddenly, that piece that seemed to fit loose, did not adapt to the process of Star Quilt, but other pieces will come without mold, others look like they will serve until when you fit the model it has nothing to do with the context and so, piece by piece, your Midnight Star Quilt model is being assembled.

Many times life is taking shape without understanding what is going on, I feel it happening like this, I’m here, trying to show you how to put together a beautiful Midnight Star quilt, so I look for the piece that will fit perfectly, but she is well hidden, because it is not yet the time of this piece, exactly it, to be part of my process, so you put several others that do not serve, are too big or too small, the color does not match, the format is not appropriate and, Suddenly, right there under my nose is the missing piece to complete this little part. At the same time, I feel that some pieces I do not even choose because they were simply born there.

This is the PATTERN♣, but it is a tablecloth, but with a few tweaks and a bit of experience and creativity success is guaranteed in any job.

Love Midnight Star Quilt 2

Trust your story, the larger version of your Self, trust your choice to be here and the intuition that speaks all the time through your heart. Trust is an act of faith and courage. Put yourself at the disposal of life so that it delivers what only you can live. Sometimes everything becomes a mess, lacking patience, optimism, creativity and even faith gives a sway, but even that is part of the whole process, so it is so important those four little words that transform any challenging situation, they are: delivery, acceptance, trust and gratitude! Always remember, until the mess is part of the process, it will take you to the next link, and the piece that nicely composes your Midnight Star quilt model. Always be open-minded to see your potential and good work !!!

Here’s the video:

Love Midnight Star Quilt 3

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