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Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat

This standard quilted Spring Flower Table Mat is from Deborah Schlegel and she also loves crochet and craftwork, and she did a wonderful job on top of that pattern, which can be used either on the kitchen table, office desk or anywhere you find it beautiful put this wonderful work.

But doing this work you need to have the materials ideas and pay close attention on how to do this work. Remember that you can change the colors and use them to your liking, for example a black color, or vintage or color. Creativity is everything! So let’s get to know Deborah Schlegel’s work?

Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat

Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat
Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat


*1 1/2 yards of fabric for top and bottom
*small amounts of fabric for appliques –
2 or three oranges
2 or three purples
2 or three greens
*embroidery thread
*fusible fleece or low loft batting
*Steam-A-Seam 2
*2 1/2 yards bias tape

Basically, this is put together in the same way I put the Valentine table mat together, so you can refer to that post for the details.

1.  Using pattern, cut out the top and bottom pieces – see the Quilted Valentine Table Mat post for instructions on making the pattern for the top and bottom pieces.  Fold the top piece into quarters and make a mark at the point (where my finger is pointing).

2.  Trace the rest of the patterns onto one side of Steam-A-Seam 2 and iron onto the wrong side of the appropriate color of fabric.  You’ll need 4 of poppy petal 1, 4 of poppy petal 2, 4 of poppy petal 3, 4 poppy leaves, 4 poppy stems, 1 lupine leaf, and 60 lupine petals.  Cut out the pieces and remove the Steam-A-Seam 2 backing.

3.  Lay the lupine leaf directly in the center of the top piece.  Arrange the poppy stems underneath the lupine leaf.  Put poppy petal 1 at the top of the poppy steam.

Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat
Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat

For you to see the rest of the standard and how to do step by step is to the button below to access ORIGINAL TUTORIAL, in the site http://artthreads.blogspot.com, WORK PERFORMED BY Deborah Schlegel. 

Quilted Spring Flower Table Mat 1

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