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Square Crochet Poncho with Graphic

If there is one thing I love doing is Crochet, and I also really like doing different things. Winter has arrived, so I bring this new crochet that already has everything on the catwalks of winter fashion. Usually when we cool we try to make several scarves to warm our neck, we leave everything aside and worry about our body, like the back and chest that is very important to warm up.

So the trend for this winter is the Ponchos de Crochet, with various designs and colors, and that will warm not only the neck but also the back and the chest. In addition, sets can be made from the same colored pieces for use with the poncho. Winter is good for fashion, no one is ugly, we are elegant because it is one piece more beautiful than the other. I’m in love!

Square Crochet Poncho with Graphic 1
Square Croche Poncho

The Crochet Ponchos are very old pieces in the world of clothing, and initially were clothing options without much influence in the fashion world. But for some years now, the play began to appear in the parades of important labels, and behold the play promises to gain even more strength this winter. And if you still do not have a model to wipe out, the post brings the hint of investing in a crochet poncho, which can be used both in winter and fall.

Square Crochet Poncho with Graphic 2
Square Croche Poncho

This is the right time for a Poncho Crochet. You can weave even bigger, but never smaller than that.

Square Crochet Poncho with Graphic 3

Square Crochet Poncho with Graphic 4

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