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 Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern by Sandra L. Hatch

Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern ? And Free? YESS !!! If you love traditional quilts, but are looking for a project that isn’t just another simple square on square design, the Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Quilters who have completed several projects will enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone a bit with this pattern that has quite a few Y seams.

However, practice makes perfect, so if you’re a beginner, don’t let new techniques scare you off. Every experienced quilter will quickly tell you that perfect points only come through experience. And, the following tips will help you master precision piecing.

 Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern 
Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern

 Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern  – Design by Sandra L. Hatch

You only need two dies to cut all the pieces to construct each of the 12 squares so you don’t have a lot of different shaped pieces to join. And, because each block is a standalone piece, there are no lattice or joining strips. Each 12 inch block has a “twirling star” centered on a solid, contrasting background.

If you prefer a patterned background or variegated color schemes, that works equally well with this pattern, so feel free to choose a blend of hues and shades that complement your furnishings or preferences. To showcase your stars, we recommend you don’t use the same color for the star and the background, unless you’re interested in creating a tone-on-tone effect.


This wonderful pattern and your tutorial has been sent to us by a great woman of 74 years up to today is your crochet.

We do not know in fact who is this lady, just told us that the standard is not hers, it was a granddaughter who gave it, and how you liked our web site, decided to give us this beautiful pattern.

If someone knows who this standard of truth, please tell us, to whom we can put the proper credits and of course to congratulate the beautiful work done. Then we’ll go to default and do this wonder for our beds.

 Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern news models to create

 Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern by Sandra L. Hatch
Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern by Sandra L. Hatch

Using the same pattern shown here you can also make this same quilt model that will fit both your sofa, Daddy’s armchair and your bed. Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern – Design by Sandra L. Hatch is used in several types of works.

One detail that we can use in this type of pattern is the stars can be varied. You can also change the colors or make simultaneous colors.

These simultaneous colors can be pulled to a type of fluorescent, but for that you must find the ideal fabrics.


twirling_stars quilt pdf

This quilt is wonderful, the pattern listed above is exactly the same quilt in the photo. You can view the PDF or download for use at any time.


 Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern by Sandra L. Hatch 1

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